Mom of Twins

Rachel B

This program really has meant a lot to me. I was admitted to the hospital when I was 30 weeks pregnant with the twins. I had a bone infection in the pubic joint (no idea how I got it), and I couldn’t walk. Literally had to use a walker to go the ten steps to the bathroom. So they kept me in the hospital on bedrest with IV antibiotics for 7 weeks until the babies were born. Then after they came, I developed excruciating sciatica, and as a result, again had mobility issues. (And diastasis recti.) On top of that, I hadn’t done much more than walk since last summer (per doctor orders) because I was carrying twins.

So to have experienced all of these crazy issues that significantly impacted my mobility, and to now be able to fully participate in Body Back and go on runs - without pain - in my mind is all because of the foundation I built through Stroller Strides. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to finally feel strong and to feel like I can trust my body again. The nutrition piece has only enhanced that feeling, and has inspired to me to make what I hope will be lasting changes.

I know we sometimes go through life without knowing how we impact others, but I want you to know that Fit4Mom has had a huge impact on my life, for which I am so grateful. Thank you so much for all that you do!!

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