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Mary Catherine

Stroller Strides has been wonderful for my whole family. My oldest was a classic gym screamer. I was never able to get through a workout at a regular gym without being called by childcare to rescue my screaming baby. It was so stressful! I didn't find Stroller Strides until my second child was four months old, and it made such a difference for me. Being able to exercise regularly with my children happy and other moms to chat with makes my whole day brighter every day that I do it. I grew up never seeing my parents active or fit, and I was a heavy kid, so I hated gym class. It's been important to me not to repeat that for my own children. I used to joke when I first started Stroller Strides that was just like gym class, except I actually enjoyed myself. I love that they see Mommy make time for exercise. I love the friendships I have made. I got to a new level of fitness after my second baby working out with Strides, and my third pregnancy was my healthiest because I kept doing Strides (with lots of modifications!) Having babies and recovering postpartum, your body and mind go through so much. Being able to stay active, and having women all around you who are supportive, is amazing. I think it's just a wonderful program, and I recommend it to every Mommy!

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