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The Difference Between Trying and Doing

I will do _____. It is a phrase with so much promise. It clearly communicates purpose, resolve, and commitment. It is a powerful and empowering phrase that far outdistances “I will try.” If we think about the most important accomplishments in our lives, they are likely ones where we resolved to do rather than try. When the rubber hit the road and an important task was in front of you, you did it. Trying it implies an escape option, and the likelihood that you will use it. As Lisa Druxman noted in her recent Motivating Mom podcast on the subject, we don’t ask our children to try to clean up their rooms. We ask them to do it.

Resolving to do your big hairy goal can be daunting and overwhelming. That’s where we can learn from our families. Many of us have watched our littles or those of friends workhard to take their first steps. The littles often start by sitting, then crawling, then pulling themselves up, then cruising from one handhold to another. Then, one day, almost by surprise, they’re walking! Even though they see older people in their lives walking and running, they intuitively break the task down into manageable tasks and goals. Our littles will do this every day of their lives; we do it too, though usually for less amazing tasks such as cooking dinner.

Breaking down our big goals into manageable, accomplishable goals will help propel us to our overall objective, make us far less likely to become discouraged, and keep us in “doing” mode rather than trying. Recognizing incremental progress, whether it is a pound or inch lost, a minute of extra running, a healthy snack choice made, raises our spirits and encourages us to keep doing what it takes to reach the big goal. If you’re feeling low on inspiration and need a nudge to get out of try mode and into do mode attend a Fit4Mom class! We will give you tons of opportunities to do amazing work over 60 minutes, broken down into manageable increments. Even better, if you ask them, the ladies around you in class have amazing, inspirational stories to share that will make you feel like you’re ready to tackle even the most challenging task. Both Nike and Yoda had it right-- it’s all about the doing.

P.s. What will YOU do? Tell a friend, a loved one, an online group, tell someone so you make it real, and get doing!

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