Just a Few Minutes

Motherhood completely redefined the value of a minute, or five for me. As a swimmer, I grew up counting seconds of rest and intervals and figuring out how many seconds, minutes, and hours elements of my workouts would take. Remembering the whole and not the parts, I transitioned these lessons into investing big blocks of time at the gym and similarly long blocks for other endeavors.

One of the first lessons of motherhood I faced after my son was born, and especially when I returned to work, was that my life of luxurious minutes and hours working out were over. Really, luxurious long minutes doing many things were over! Forced to shift from finding big blocks of time to use for workouts or hobbies, I was amazed to experience the value of one, two, or ten minutes. Two minutes is better than none, and you can get your heart rate up or start your creative juices flowing before they are over and before baby needs you or work beckons. Five minutes of walking before class, during your day, or after the little’s bedtime doesn’t impact your overall schedule heavily, but it adds up. It makes a difference!

It is far easier to carve out a few two minute blocks during our day to walk, breathe, plank, or doodle; whatever you need to fill your well. If we’re somehow convinced that five minutes of snoozing in the morning will make a difference, why can’t we convince ourselves that five minutes of extra walking, journaling, or meditation will also make a difference?! My challenge to you this week is to find a few minutes and fill them with something that nourishes your heart, soul, and body. Keep it simple, and just do it!

You can always tack on your five extra minutes of fitness to a Stroller Strides, Body Back or Fit4Baby class!

We are excited to now be offering FIT4BABY classes Wednesday's at 7:00 pm at Chinquapin Rec Center on Wednesday at 7PM. If you know an expecting woman, give her the class information! We want her to see if the Fit4Mom tribe is right for her.

Whether at Fit4Baby, Stroller Strides, or Body Back, we hope to see you soon!

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