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I Can!

What a week! We have made it through Pi day, the Metro closing, the Ides of March (almost), St. Patrick’s day is here… Just when life seemed like it was going to slow down, it picked back up!

No matter what is going on in your world and family-- whether it is the hustle and bustle of life, special events, or life and work challenges, remind yourself you are STRONG! You have immense inner strength to draw on. Even if you think you can’t take another challenge, or another burpee or mountain climber in class, you CAN. One challenge at a time, step by step, you have the strength to work through what you’re facing. As you push through, don’t forget to breathe. It’s amazing what pausing for a deep breath can do to give you energy, clear your head, or help you regain composure.

Always remember you have a village around you. Your momma friends, your FIT4MOM village, is a call or a class away.

If you have two free minutes tonight, pull up Jennifer’s instagram plank inspiration. (fit4momarlingtonalexandria) She’s sweating it out to provide us inspiration. One minute of box plank and one minute of plank with arm reach/ punch. 30 seconds rest in between. There! A stronger core in just a bit longer than it takes to brush your teeth. 1/30th of an hour. 1/360th of your day. Seriously!

I hope to see you in class soon!


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