Green Monster Smoothie Recipe

I know, I know, a green smoothie can look a bit… intimidating, but hear me out- they are delicious! Despite their very green appearance, these smoothies taste sweet, creamy, and wonderful.

Green smoothies are the first thing I make after an indulgent weekend, or if I feel like I am coming down with something. This smoothie is a great way to get in an extra serving of leafy greens with breakfast or as a snack. The addition of nut milk gives them a nice hit of protein, and you can add more by adding a scoop of protein powder, or some greek yogurt.

The versatility is the best part of this smoothie! Below is my basic recipe, but you can add in so many wonderful, healthy items to make these smoothies even better. Some of my favorite add-ins are:

Pitted dates

Flax seed


Peanut or almond butter

Greek yogurt

Protein powder

Frozen strawberries or pineapple

The possibilities are endless. Use my recipe below as a base, and experiment! You will find that this is so tasty that your kids may even love it too.


Two cups of spinach

One cup of nut milk (I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk)

One banana, cut into two inch chunks

Pinch of cinnamon (Can substitute a half teaspoon of agave instead for a sweetener)

Handful of ice


1. Add all ingredients to blender.

2. Liquify until well combined.


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