I hope you had an enjoyable long weekend and are ready for June to arrive. I had the pleasure this weekend to participate in two distinct phases of goal achievement and reflect with the achievers on their journeys.

On Saturday the Fairlington Stroller Strides class completed the Utah Street hill for the first time this summer. What goes down must go back up and all the mommas shifted into their power gear and made their way up with strength and determination. If you haven’t run or walked Utah Street, you’re missing some glute-burning fun! It can be a daunting task to contemplate, especially for the first time after a winter of classes inside. However, by breaking down the challenge into manageable pieces-- moving car to car or tree to tree, for example-- all the moms rocked the hill. As an added bonus, now that we’ve done the hill for the first time, there are no more daunting first times; instead there are opportunities to tackle a challenge each of the women knows they can complete, and complete well. The first step towards a goal can be intimidating and seem insurmountable. Often if we take the first step and charge forth, with a bit of resolve or stubbornness, we can find ourselves on our way towards our goal.

On Sunday I had a chance to run with the Fit4Mom run club. Two weeks out from their goal race, the Lawyers Have Heart 10K, the Mommas were running the full race distance (6.2 miles or 10km). These ladies started training on the first Sunday in April in frigid, windy temperatures. They ran in the rain, wind, and humidity, building from a 20 minute run on week one to universally strong 6.2 mile runs on Sunday. They built their running times gradually over the weeks and along the way had “aha!” moments where they suddenly realized they were thinking about their workout of the day as an easy task, where a few weeks prior the same distance would have seemed nearly out of reach. Making it through the weeks of training was challenging, but breaking down the challenge of completing a 10K run into increments, and doing it with a group that provided support, has positioned each of the ladies for a great finish to the program.

We’re not all tackling big hills or running races; however, both are metaphors for myriad challenges we face throughout our days. We face challenges in our parenting, work, relationship, family, and spiritual lives and often set goals in those realms. Even when the goals are daunting, especially when they are daunting, we must remember we’ve been at the start before-- and we have succeeded and tasted the sweetness of a goal achieved. We are all amazingly resourceful, intelligence, and strong women capable of achieving the loftiest of goals. It just takes that first step.

Fit4Mom is here throughout the week and on the weekend (come get a taste of Utah St!) to help you achieve your fitness and motherhood goals. Whether your goal is spending time with fun moms, working up a sweat, or enjoying some fresh air, we’re here to support you. Come out and join the fun!

I hope to see you in class soon. Be well,


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