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Believe in You

Life, especially motherhood, is fraught with doubt and moments that cause us to question ourselves. When we face unfamiliar situations, whether they are new motherhood challenges, a tricky task at work, a challenging conversation, or a tough workout, we very often question ourselves unnecessarily. Very often, however, once the situation has passed, we realize we had the internal strength, knowledge, and keen intuition to successfully navigate the challenge. I have seen the strength in each of you: whether pushing through a tough set or detailing a challenge you navigated adeptly during your day, you are strong.

Can you imagine how powerful it would be if we could trust ourselves from the start and charge forth into life believing in ourselves? And sharing that beautiful self confidence and strength with the ladies alongside us? Even if it seems hard to imagine, I challenge you to silence the little naysayer voice that questions you. Believe in your strength. Believe in your intuition. Believe in your intelligence. Believe in your mommy ninja skills. Believe you can. Then grit your teeth, get out there, and do it. You are not alone!

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