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Being Prepared

Springtime seems here to stay and it feels like we’re already getting a preview of early summer. Where did January and our New Year’s resolutions go?!

Motherhood, even before we hold our baby for the first time, revolves around being prepared. Whether we are trying to conceive, carrying our little ones, or caring for our little ones, our checklists of things to do, the right foods to eat, what to pack in the go bag, supplies and snacks to pack are endless! Sometimes being fully prepared is easy, sometimes it’s a shot in the dark and is based on guessing at contingencies. I laughed when an acquaintance likened parenthood to being a roadie for a band. I’ve learned it’s a pretty apt analogy.

As much as we roadie and care for our families whatever the day or moment might bring, it is equally important to care for ourselves! We often let our caretaker selves look past our own needs for those of others. While that is appropriate in some instances, we can’t forget the adage “put your own oxygen mask on first.” Self care is immensely important and the foundation of being prepared for anything life throws at us. Rest, nutritious food, quiet time, exercise, and other elements are all important “be prepared for life” checklist items.

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