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"If you happen to witness another woman in the midst of one of those tangled cracks in time where perhaps her doubt is unfastened, and she is bending towards those 'never-enough' fears, gift her a smile, or a word. Hold out a mirror of Morse code that tells her she is not alone..." Written by Reagan Brendi

Those low moments of motherhood happen and it is good to know you are not alone!

It's SO important to work on upper body strength. As a mom...think about all the things (and people) we are carrying! This is my favorite bicep countdown need an exercise band or medium size weights (5 to 8 pounds). 10 biceps curls...palms facing up...lift to shoulders...release towards hips but not all the way. Then do 9 hammer curls..palms face each other in fists. Alternate these exercise..8 bicep curls..7 hammer curls..etc to you get to 1 rep. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 XOXO Kim #bicepcurls #hammercurls #tonedarms #momstrong #yesyoucan #allthemoms #fitmom #fit4mom #fit4momarlingtonalexandria #themotherhoodisreal

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